Oliver Ottmann

Haematology Division of Cancer and Genetics, Cardiff University, UK

Oliver Ottmann is Professor and Head of Haematology at Cardiff University School of Medicine, UK. Before taking up his current position in 2015, he was Head of the Division of Molecular Therapeutics at the Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany and Endowed Professor for Molecular Therapy Research of the Deutsche Jose Carreras Leukemia Foundation. He is the Co-Lead of the Cardiff Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre (ECMC), and a member of UK NCRI Clinical Trial Subgroups for AML, ALL and CML.
Professor Ottmann’s scientific interests focus on malignant hematology with a particular emphasis on clinical trials, translational research including biomarker identification and validation, minimal residual disease, pre-clinical drug development as well as mechanisms of leukaemogenesis and drug resistance. He is internationally recognized for his expertise in the therapy for BCR-ABL positive leukemias and as an early phase clinical trialist. Prof. Ottmann is a member of numerous international professional societies including the European Hematology Association (EHA), the European Working Group for Adult ALL (EWALL) and the American Society for Hematology (ASH). Professor Ottmann has authored or co-authored more than 280 articles in international peer-reviewed journals.